Have bright and straight teeth is dream of many people. Porcelain crowns are the solution for those who want to have beautiful smile. Below post provides you with all information about porcelain crowns.

Cosmetic porcelain crown is the most popular dental service nowadays. People often compare porcelain crown with a new coat for teeth. This is a technique that covering real teeth with porcelain layer with high transparency and diverse color. Porcelain crowns’ shape are calculated and designed personalized in according to customers’ desire..

porcelain crown flora
Porcelain crown

Porcelain crowns can improve:

  • Sparse teeth
  • Broken or worn teeth
  • Stained teeth due to food/ drinks
  • Stained teeth due to flour, tetracyline
  • Rough, crowded and crooked teeth
  • Slight overbite or underbite
  • Teeth after pulp treatment

Why you should get porcelain crowns:

Porcelain crowns can regenerate color and shape of teeth. Besides, porcelain crowns bring a lot benefit as following:

Allow personalized teeth shape design, gain highest aesthetics and meet customer’s hobbies.

Diverse color to choose, from dark to bright.

Hardness is 4-6 times more than real teeth

New technology with less grinding, no affect to pulp

Whole procedure lasts for only 3 days

Protect 95% your real teeth.

Types of porcelain crowns:

Porcelain crowns’ structure includes 2 part: inner rib and outer coating. Nowadays, there are 2 kinds of porcelain crowns: metal and all-porcelain crowns.

Metal porcelain crowns (Titan porcelain crowns)

Metal porcelain crown is the crown that has inner rib by alloy, 4 – 6 % titanium, outer coating is porcelain Ceramco3. Titan porcelain crown is cheaper but still have full function of a porcelain crown.

However, after 3 – 5 years people who get Titan porcelain crowns will face with a problem: gum around tooth becomes black. This is caused by the inner alloy rib. This blackened gum is not harmful to the body but causes great loss to aesthetics. Therefore, titanium porcelain teeth are usually indicated for molars.

In addition, Titan porcelain teeth will be more opaque due to the alloy inner rib, so it’s color cannot be 100% as the real teeth.

The warranty of Titan porcelain crowns is 3 years.

porcelain crown
porcelain crown

All-porcelain crowns

All-porcelain crown has the inner rib and outer coating all by porcerlain, so it does not blacken customer’s gum like metal porcelain crowns. Popular all-porcerlain crowns you can find include:

Zirconia, Emax, Cercon:

Zirconia is the name of a ceramic material. There are many kinds of porcerlain crowns that have inner rib made by zirconia material as Zirconia, Cercon, …

The warranty of  Zirconia, Emax and Cercon porcelain crowns is 7 years.

Cercon HT, Lava Plus, Diamond:

These are high class porcelain crowns with higher price, which have better hardness, transparency and durability.

The warranty of Cercon HT, Diamond is 10 years, Lava Plus 15 years.

Porcelain crowns procedure at Flora Dental:

Porcelain crowns procedure at Flora will include 3 appoinments:

1st appointment:

Examining and make treatment plan: Dentist does X-ray and studys carefully about teeth and oral health of customers’. After that detailed treatment plan is made.

2nd appointment:

Cleaning and taking impression of temporary teeth: customers’ oral cavities are carefully cleaned to ensure maximum safety during the process. Also, take the impression to make temporary teeth. Therefore, customers can eat and drink normally while waiting for the porcelain crowns.

Anesthetize, grind (if yes) and take impression for porcelain crowns: New technique with no or less grinding, ensure no affect to pulp and pain-free.

3rd appointment:

Put on porcelain crowns, finish the process: Dentist try putting porcelain crowns to mouth of customers. If customers are satisfied with current aesthetics, the dentist will fix those porcelain crowns to exact position, ensure they will bring real feelings when chewing like real teeth.

Experience a new smile, and re-examine in according to the schedule indicated by dentist.

porcelain crown 02
Porcelain Crown

Why you should do porcelain crowns at Flora Dental?

  • No or less grinding from 0.0 – 0.7mm

We understand your afraid of much grinding of old technique. At Flora, your real teeth is saved up to 95%, our grinding will be 0.0 – 0.7mm.

  • Fast – Exact – Naturally beautiful

Only in 3 appointment, you will get a new appearance for your smile. Total time of the process may be different in different cases, but still ensure high effectiveness and safe.

Durability and natural beauty is the two things that guaranteed by Flora. Our dentist will examine and help you to choose right shape, right color of teeth to bring the most natually beautiful smile.

  • Official guarantee:

Do not worry about the origin of porcelain crowns at Flora Dental. You always receive an official warranty card after finish the procedure. It will include your name, and a personal code so that you can research on the website anytime you want.

  • Caring dentists and staff

At Flora dental, beside highly experienced, our dentists are very caring and enthusiastic. After over 1000 cases, our dentists is trusted a lot by customers.