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Surveys around the world, 60% of people share that the first impression of others is a smile. A beautiful, radiant smile will make your life better. Only a meticulous change can make a strong difference in how you look and feel.

Dental and overall health are in a closely relationship. Teeth and gums condition affect on every system in the human body, including the circulatory system, the digestive system, the reproductive system and the respiratory system. Smartly keeping your oral health in good condition will help decrease serious health problems.

OVERALL Dental CARE price list 2020


Examination and consultancyMiễn Phí
X-quang around top Digital Xray1 tooth40,000


Teeth polish1 case100,000
Teeth scaling and polish – Level 11 case150,000
Teeth scaling and polish – Level 21 case300,000
Teeth scaling and polish – Level 31 case400,000
Treatment for periodontitis – Level 11 case3,000,000
Treatment for periodontitis – Level 21 case4,000,000
Treatment for periodontitis – Level 31 case5,000,000


Spa teeth – 1 monthpackage499,000
Spa teeth – 2 monthspackage1,200,000
Spa teeth – 6 monthspackage1,999,000
Spa teeth – 12 monthspackage3,200,000
Spa teeth – Lifetimepackage29,999,000


Slitting covering gum1 tooth700,000
Removing primary teeth1 tooth100,000
Removing root canal – single root canal1 tooth500,000
Removing root canal – multiple root canal1 tooth700,000
Removing small/big jaw teeth (4,5,6,7)1 tooth1,000,000
Removing wisdom teeth growing vertically1 tooth1,500,000
Removing deviated wisdom teet (complicated minor surgery) level 11 tooth2,000,000
Removing deviated wisdom teet (complicated minor surgery) level 21 tooth3,000,000
Removing underground growing wisdom teeth (complicated minor surgery) level 31 tooth5,000,000


Stainless steel cross head screw post1 tooth500,000
Non-metal cross head screw post level 11 tooth2,000,000
Non-metal cross head screw post level 21 tooth3,000,000
Pulp treatment for single root canal teeth (Teeth 1,2,3)1 tooth600,000
Pulp treatment for multiple root canal teeth (Teeth 4,5)1 tooth800,000
Pulp treatment for multiple root canal teeth (Teeth 6,7)1 tooth1,500,000
Recover broken pulp treatment (single root canal, multiple root canal) level 11 tooth1,500,000
Recover broken pulp treatment (single root canal, multiple root canal) level 21 tooth2,000,000
Surgery cutting teeth’s top1 tooth2,000,000


Protruding teeth creating1 tooth700,000
Temporary filling Eugenate1 tooth100,000
Primary teeth filling1 tooth200,000
Filling GIC (Glass Inomer Cement) (Filling Fuji)1 tooth250,000
Tooth neck filling1 tooth300,000
Filling Composite – 3M ESPE1 tooth400,000
Cosmetic filling LASER TECH1 tooth500,000
Inlay – Onlay Porcelain1 tooth5,000,000
Protect crown for children’s primary teeth1 tooth1,000,000


Teeth whitening at home – 2 tubes1 case1,500,000
Teeth whitening anti-sensitivity technology1 case3,000,000
Teeth whitening combining 2 tubes at home & Laser Whitening1 case3,500,000
Getting teeth impression for whitening tray (without medicines)2 jaws1,000,000


Natural diamond VS2package7,000,000
Artificial diamond VS2package5,000,000
SI diamondpackage3,000,000
Dental stonepackage1,000,000
Stones and diamonds on porcelain teethpackage1,000,000
Stones and diamonds on real teethpackage600,000

overall dental care flora dentalg

Visit dentist 2 times per year will help you:

  • Protect your real teeth and save costs
  • Overcome serious halitosis
  • Prevent periodontal disease
  • Eliminate tooth decay
  • Stop bleeding gums
  • Avoid toothloss
  • Get a beautiful smile
  • More confident and successful in work and life

When you have a standard tooth, but plaque, stained teeth make you worry

When you are in braces procedure or even after removing braces

When you have just experienced the treatment of dental diseases such as halitosis, tooth decay, gingivitis

When you have just renovated your smile with porcelain or implant and want to take care of your gums

That’s when you need Teeth Spa – Overall Dental Care at Flora Dental Clinic.