Dental braces price list

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Dental braces price list 2020

Orthodontic maintenance trays1 jaw1,200,000
Get dental impression for alignment trays1 case2,000,000
Make space for permanent teeth1 tooth10,000,000
The jaw for keeping distance for children1 tooth1,500,000
Trainer braces appliance level 1package3,000,000
Trainer braces appliance level 2package6,000,000
Expansion plate (1 USA jaw)1 jaw10,000,000
Removable braces level 1package5,000,000
Removable braces level 2package10,000,000
Removable braces level 3package15,000,000
Normal metal bracespackage35,000,000
Self-adhesive metal bracespackage45,000,000
Normal porcelain bracespackage50,000,000
Self-adhesive porcelain bracespackage60,000,000
Invisalign level 1package80,000,000
Invisalign level 2package100,000,000
Invisalign level 3package120,000,000
Twin Block Appliance1 set20,000,000
Reverse Twin Block Appliance1 set30,000,000
Remove the braces support patients1 jaw1,000,000
Minivis1 tooth2,500,000
Dental tooth shaft level 11 tooth10,000,000
Dental tooth shaft level 21 tooth15,000,000
Implant transfer1 tooth10,000,000