What are fixed dental bridges and dentures?

Flora Dental Clinic applies exclusive Swiss standard 3D Sophis implant technology. All Conebeam 3D CT scans and scans are completely free. In case of losing many teeth, the patient is advised to go for a bridge or fixed Implant denture. However, not everyone understands one of these methods well. The following article will provide you

What type of implant is being used the most in the world?

The implant post is one of the great inventions in dentistry. Implant posts have the effect of replacing lost roots, overcoming bone loss and restoring perfect chewing function like real teeth. Implant denture posts are now manufactured by many companies with different characteristics and structures. In this article, let’s learn about the types and types

Discover the rigorous aseptic method of the implant procedure

The dental implant procedure is a complex process. Requires many strict requirements, meeting the standards of the Ministry of Health on sterility to ensure the best treatment results for patients. So what is the strict aseptic method during implant treatment? Let’s explore with Flora dentist in this article! 1. What is special about the dental

5 small habits for a successful dental plan

A successful planting plan besides choosing the right reputable dental address, small habits also contribute to a successful Implant. What are the familiarizations for successful dental implant placement? Let’s find out with Flora dentist in this article! 1. 5 small habits for a successful dental plan For a successful implant placement, strong teeth and no


A small group of scientists have devoted more than twenty years to the formation of the IMPLANT – PENGUINRFA device. Their dedication has created a device that greatly aids clinicians working with transplants. In the article below, let’s learn more about the capabilities of this machine with Flora dentistry. Dental Implant is currently the most


We all know that, not all Implant posts are created equal. Implant posts are distinguished by: origin, design, surface treatment, time of bone integration. In particular, Swiss Implant is always leading in quality, typically the Swiss ImplantSwiss line has long been known as the best material, just after your jawbone. Flora Dental is currently a


Choosing a good, quality and affordable dental implant address will help you save a small amount of money. Where is the best price and best quality implant place in Ho Chi Minh City. With cheap Implant implant service package, with many incentives, customers can find out this service at Flora dental clinic. 1. Advanced dental