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Long-term tooth loss, if not restored in time, will leave many negative effects on the aesthetics and oral health. This will cause the jaw bone to lose bone, deform the face and make you crooked. Dental implants are the best solution in helping you restore lost teeth. Let’s join with Flora to refer to the article below so you can make the best decision.
Dental Implant (or dental implant) is a method that not only restores the crown of the tooth but also has the ability to restore the root of the tooth to help prevent jaw bone loss that other techniques cannot overcome. This is the most comprehensive method of restoring missing teeth currently applicable to all cases: Loss of molars, front teeth, or the entire jaw.
At Flora Dental Clinic, we are currently applying 3D Sophis implant technology, which is a Swiss standard method with more than 60 years of research and development. With this method, we have helped more than 1000 customers restore lost teeth with the same chewing quality as real teeth.


A dental implant is a post with an elongated shape, made of high purity titanium. It has the effect of replacing the lost tooth root, acting as a support for a new restoration such as a porcelain crown, porcelain bridge, or denture. From there, it is possible to restore one or more missing teeth, continuously or intermittently. Implant with not too smooth surface, capable of attracting bone cells, fully integrated into the jaw bone, firm and stable.
Implants are composed of 3 main parts:
  • Implant post
  • Coupling abutment
  • Porcelain crowns.
The implant is currently the most optimal method of tooth replacement, bringing many health benefits and giving the chewing experience identical to real teeth.


  • Dental Implant Pricelist

In a dilemma of many different dentists and implant lines on the market, which one is the most financially suitable and guaranteed for you?
For dental implants, the factors that every patient is interested in include: the doctor performing the implant, the implant technology, the quality of the implant, and the price of the implant. The first three factors are also the components that make up the price of dental implants. Instead of looking for a cheap place, do your research carefully before making a decision. A reputable address that fully meets the criteria of safety, quality, efficiency, and financial suitability is the most perfect place to perform an Implant.

  • Dental Implant with installment payment at Flora Dental Clinic

In Vietnam, 7 out of 10 adults will lose one or more teeth. Some people are still living with long-term tooth loss, leaving many consequences such as jawbone loss, mouth gradually decayed, the remaining teeth are displaced, etc. Because not everyone has the conditions to recover. Restoration of lost teeth using Implant. Therefore, at Flora Dental, we apply for the 0% interest PAYMENT program with many utilities:
  • Installment via credit card – supporting more than 23 banks in Vietnam
  • 0% interest
  • No installment fees
  • No prepayment required
  • Customers can choose installment terms: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 1 year.


Dental Implant is a method of restoring lost teeth that have been widely used in advanced countries in the world for a long time. However, in Vietnam in recent years, this method of restoring lost teeth has been noticed and interested in many people. Traditional methods of tooth restoration such as porcelain bridge (loss of one or several teeth), a removable denture (loss of all teeth) are chosen by many people because of their low cost, but there are still disadvantages. :
  • Affects chewing teeth that have not been lost (must be ground down).
  • The jawbone gradually disappears.
  • The use time is not long.
  • It is easy to get gum infection and spread to neighboring teeth.
  • The chewing force does not disperse the whole jaw, causing discomfort in eating.
Therefore, Implant is a method of tooth restoration that is considered the best solution when it can overcome the above disadvantages with outstanding advantages:
  • Integrated for all cases of tooth loss.
  • The implant post integrates 100% into the jawbone like a real tooth root.
  • Does not affect adjacent real teeth.
  • Prevent jaw bone loss.
  • The bite and chewing force are evenly distributed on the jaw to help you get the best eating experience.
  • Lifetime use.


Not all Implant posts are created equal. Implant posts are distinguished by: origin, design, surface treatment, time of bone integration. At Flora Dental Clinic, we are proud to be a partner of the world’s leading Implant companies. To bring the best dental restoration experience to patients.
  • Implant Straumann – Switzerland
Switzerland is likened to the cradle of the world’s dental industry, in which the strongest development is in dental implant technology. Straumann is the highest quality implant brand from Switzerland today.
Straumann Implant posts have a compact design, minimum diameter, so they only occupy a very small volume in the jawbone. As a result, it does not affect or encroach on neighboring areas. At the same time, the cylindrical design has a standard torsion ratio and the surface is delicately treated, enhancing the attraction of bone cells. Helps the process of bone integration take place faster, only 3 weeks instead of 3 months – 6 months as before. Compact design, but Straumann Implants are not fragile, but on the contrary, are extremely sturdy to stand the test of time. In addition, the extremely high strength of Straumann Implants also helps bring chewing experiences that challenge real teeth. In addition, the Swiss Implant line also has the Implant Swiss brand with outstanding quality and design. Read more about Swiss Implant.
  • Implant Tekka – France
The next most popular implant line today is Tekka, made in France. Tekka Implants are manufactured from TA6V ELI alloy which is a high-grade Titanium alloy that delivers implant results that exceed medical expectations. Using a 2-block Implant system, surface treatment with spiral grooves for a perfect fit. As a result, the implant has good anti-rotation, stability, and a success rate is 99.5%. The ability to integrate bones, soft tissues, and gums and high aesthetics is not inferior to Straumann.
  • Implant Dentium USA
Dentium Implant Post is made up of 100% pure Titanium. With an elongated design, it distributes force evenly on the surface of the Implant body. The double groove system on the cylinder body helps shorten the time of treatment and bone integration. In addition, it also provides quite good stability thanks to the large contact surface area. With a better price but still ensuring the strict requirements of a high-end Implant line, Dentium USA is quite popular.
  • Korean Dentium Implant
This is the most cost-effective Implant line, but the quality is not inferior to other expensive Implant lines. Titanium material that makes up the cylinder is quite light and stable, 100% bio-safe in the oral environment. The Korean implant post has a design with special spirals that accelerate the process of attracting bone cells so that the implant quickly becomes a solid part of the jawbone. Currently, Flora dentistry is having a program to support Implant teeth from only VND 9.7 million during the festive season.


At Flora Dental Clinic, we apply 3D Sophi’s technology according to Swiss standards to Implant:
  • Over 60 years of research and development in Switzerland.
  • Link to training a team of doctors specializing in implant restoration according to Swiss standards.
  • Cooperation application process and implant technique of Switzerland.
  • Invest in equipment, machinery, and upgrade facilities according to Swiss standards.


  • Diagnostic – Accurate diagnosis
Thanks to the powerful support of the CT Cone Beam imaging system, accuracy is always guaranteed in the pre-treatment diagnosis stage. Cone Beam CT film produces sharp 3-D images of teeth and soft tissues, clearly showing the relationship between jawbone, sinuses, and nerves. Based on that, the doctor can calculate the size and diameter of the Implant suitable for the bone socket. It is easy to know in advance the time of implantation and the outcome of future restorations.
Trồng răng Implant công nghệ cao cùng máy CT Cone Beam tại Nha khoa Flora
  • Diagram – Make a detailed treatment plan
The treatment regimen is an important element to the success of each implant. A detailed treatment protocol will need to include: restoration plan, number, and placement of Implants, classification, and size of Implants, indications for sinus lift bone graft if any, step-by-step procedure, anesthesia method will be applied. Thanks to the detailed protocol, the patient can be completely assured, the whole procedure has been clearly planned and performed correctly without errors.
  • Delimited – Limited – non-invasive
The implant technique is relatively complicated and requires doctors to have high qualifications and in-depth experience. Previously, the implant surgery process had many limitations and risks when it was necessary to separate the gums to determine the placement of the Implant. At the same time, implantation is also quite complicated. For Sophis 3D Implant technology, each operation of the doctor will be 100% accurate after being performed, meeting 2 steps of Diagnostic (accurate diagnosis) and Diagram (for detailed treatment plan). The implant post is inserted into the jaw bone according to a pre-calculated position, non-invasive and shortens the healing time, and integrates the bone.


  • Sophistication on Implant Surface: Rapid bone integration in 3 weeks.
  • Sophisticated in the force transmission design of the Implant: For a chewing experience that challenges real teeth.
  • Sophistication in the cohesion of the Implant: Implant longevity to a lifetime, defying time.


  • Quick surgery time 15 minutes / Implant post.
  • Application of an advanced pain control system.
  • Accelerate recovery with PRF grafting solution.
  • Heal in 7 days.
  • Time for complete bone integration in 3 weeks.
  • Experience chewing, feel like real teeth.
  • Suitable for cases of missing teeth, missing teeth.
  • Safe – durable for a lifetime.


  • Step 1: General examination, 3D Cone Beam CT scan, and treatment plan
In case the patient encounters diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, … the patient will be assigned to treat these diseases to return their oral health to the best state before proceeding with Implant implantation.
Cone Beam 3D CT scan to assess the condition of the jaw bone, soft tissue, nerve correlation to indicate bone grafting or sinus lift.
A hypothetical restoration is performed on a computer. Calculate the exact position and size of the Implant, preview the restoration results. From there, the treatment regimen is personalized for each specific patient case.
  • Step 2: Implant the implant
The oral cavity will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure a sterile environment for the implantation process. After that, the doctor will administer anesthesia, numbing, ensuring smoothness during the procedure.
The doctor conducts the implant procedure, inserts the implant post into the jawbone to match the position calculated in the pre-made 3D prosthetic process. Usually, it will take from 15-30 minutes / one pillar depending on the case.
  • Step 3: Attach the Healing Guide to the gum tissue
Healing is a detail integrated into the Implant post that is responsible for guiding the tissue of the gums to grow around the junction between the crown and the post. Healing is usually attached immediately after implant placement. However, depending on the state of bone integration and the patient’s location, if the integration time is not fast, then Healing will be attached later.
  • Step 4: Attach Abutment and Porcelain Crown
Implant posts after implantation need a period of 3 weeks to 3 months to be able to fully integrate with the jawbone. Feels like a real replacement tooth root.
After the bone integration process is complete, the Abutment and the porcelain crown will be attached, completing the implant procedure. At this time, the new tooth will have the same chewing function and aesthetic as the real tooth.
  • Step 5: Post-operative care and periodic re-examination
Guidelines for diet and oral care after surgery. Periodic follow-up visits according to the doctor’s appointment to monitor the results of the restoration. At the same time assess the state of oral health, ensure proper care to help the implant live up to a lifetime.

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